Latest Additions to HNL Hip Hop

I wanted to make everyone aware that we have our first article up and it’s by the beautiful La Liko. She’s written our premiere piece about why a lot of so called big ballers might just be broke when they turn 40. Or 30 for some of them. A must read for everyone tryin’ to get their money right.

Also, we’ve recently added a forum to the site in the hopes that we can help to build a stronger Hip Hop community here on the island. There’s currently the makings of a great discussion about what 90’s Hip Hop music means to older heads and why it’s regarded the way it is. I think this thread has the potential of a classic so be sure to check it out. As the forum is new please don’t be dissuaded by the lack of members. It’s only a day old after all. Get in early and let’s build. And it only takes a moment to register.

We’re also currently looking for album reviewers and article writers. When the site begins to generate money through advertising these will be paid positions. We’re looking for people with fresh, entertaining, introspective views for articles and heads with a critical ear and the means to express that for reviewers. If you’re interested then please visit the contact page and introduce yourself. Being a staff member will have more perks and advantages in the future…but you gotta cut us some slack, we’re just getting started.

Feedback is always welcome. This is not our site but rather Honolulu’s site. That’s the idea it was built on and we’re firm about that.

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