Illmatic: 90’s Tribute Monthly Series

Here at HNL Hip Hop we try to be as non-biased as we can be and not promote any nights over other ones in particular.  But we are STUPID excited about this!  This is the kind of series that we feel the island has needed for a long time.  Because at the end of the day, all of our roots go back to this.  Commercial, underground, backpack, thug, hipster, east coast, west coast, dirty south…all of us got mad love for the 90’s because we all go back to it.  Well, at least those old enough to go to bars and not drink snapple.  HUGE shouts to Dig Lifestyles and the almighty Nocturnal Sound Krew for this one.  I can guarantee that HNL Hip Hop will be in the building for this one.  Straight up…this is the heat we’ve been hungry for.  Good lookin’ out!


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