Shaka Zine is Covering Things You Care About

Recently another Honolulu based blog by the name of Shaka Zine reached out to us and invited us to check out their work. Immediately the first you thing you notice is a long piece on local graffiti with A LOT of incredible pics. The one above being just one example. The blog is dedicated to everything that the Shaka Zine editors themselves would want to know about if they were coming to visit Honolulu. This is NOT a bullshit tourist guide. They even have features on our homies at In4mation and the good people at Stylus Music in the University area. Make sure you check them out. You’ll probably end up learning a few things about your own city that you didn’t even know. We definitely discovered some new treasures.

Check’em out at and tell them HNL Hip Hop sent you.


1 Response to “Shaka Zine is Covering Things You Care About”

  1. 1 doug upp April 16, 2008 at 5:17 pm

    thanks for the mention. Once I come down, I’ll be sure to hit y’all upp. You so nice.

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