Videos: Throwback Sundays Vol 4 – The BIG Edition

Welcome back to Throwback Sundays. Today’s edition is inspired by a lot of the jams that La Liko and myself heard/played last night at Universoul Saturdays and Empire at Lotus. Make sure you check out both of these events. We had a helluva time. Shouts to DJ Technique who really held it down with the finest in classic NY jams last night. We’re making this Sunday the BIG edition because before everyone had the word lil in front of their name and tried to claim the greatest alive title there were giants before them who stood as true kings. These were lyricists in every since of the word and they were some of the greatest to ever pick up mics. So for this edition of Throwback Sunday we honor their memory. Spread love its the Brooklyn way…

Videos after the jump…

Peace to Ms Wallace…your son was the one!

Quite possibly the greatest Latino emcee ever…

The greatest from DITC and truly Harlem’s finest…

Although none of these giants ever got to colab with one another we can always dream, right

Make sure you stay tuned…we do this every Sunday.


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