Puffy Licks Shots with Ellen

I’m late with this one but it just made me laugh so damn hard.  Puff (I just can’t call him Diddy without trying real hard) gets nice taste testing vodka to figure out which one is his own signature Ciroc.  And on a side note if you ever meet La Liko at the club one night make sure you buy her some vodka. Straight on the rocks.  No weakness mixed in.  That’s how she rolls.  She has a strict policy of drinking nothing else.  And folks…when you purchase it remember how much you love her articles, man up, and buy some goose.  Let’s keep it good.

Via: BlogsIsWatching


3 Responses to “Puffy Licks Shots with Ellen”

  1. 1 La Liko May 6, 2008 at 3:25 pm

    Haha, he spit out the Popov! Popov is the worst vodka ever. What’s funny is he actually went through them from worst to best consecutively. Popov – Asbolute – Kettle One – Ciroc. Guess Puff really is a vodka drinker. Props.

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