Angry Woebots at Exclusive TONIGHT, May 9th

For the final day of our three day artist feature for the Daggers, Bolts & Fur Show show we’re featuring artwork from and info on Angry Woebots of the West Coast art collective Pocket Full of Monsters. All three artists 2H, Angry Woebots, and Phoneticontrol will have work showing at the Daggers, Bolts & Fur Show at Exclusive TONIGHT from 5PM – 9PM. Admission is free.

Angry Woebots

Aaron Martin was born on the island Oahu, Hawaii. Most of his childhood was spent growing up in California and Nevada and returned to Oahu during his senior year in High school. In 1999 a car accident changed everything. His life threatening experience inspired him to leave the island once again and moved to Seattle. Inspired by the rain and being indoors he found himself dabbling in art again. After a year he returned to Hawaii with a new perspective in life, did his first art show in 2002 and hasn’t stop since. He has shown in galleries up and down California, the east coast, Hawaii, and China. He also sews costumes, stuffed animals, sculpts, and dabbles in graphic design.

“Angry Woebots was never a name it was a concept of what I created, from my accident until now taking something from my dark space and flipping it into something positive, my life experience’s gained me momentum into following something strange and that is not what’s in front of me but what was standing next to me, life it’s self. The stress, love and lost it’s all a party to enjoy, through hardship comes its rewards.” That’s what’s in the name.” -Aaron Martin


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