Videos: Throwback Sunday Vol 5. Mother’s Day Edition

Mother’s Day has special meaning to a lot of folks in the Hip Hop community. A lot were raised by single-parent mothers who did what they had to do to survive and take care of their children. And you can bet that the music reflects that. As sons and daughters around the nation today give thanks to the first woman in their life and reflect on the love of mothers who have passed we at HNL Hip Hop wanted to dedicate this Throwback Sunday to the videos that honored the mothers of the world. We love you Mom.

Kanye brings his mom up for a live performance of “Hey Mama.” You might tear up during this one.

One of my favorite Ghostface songs of all time. “All That I Got Is You” from Ironman.

Ok…so there’s no video but this is a great joint. This one is off Snoop’s Top Dogg LP.

And we saved the classic for last…

Now go tell your mom that you love her!


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