MTV’s Hottest MCs In The Game TOP 10

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MTV’s NEW list premiers tonight at 10PM Eastern.

Between episodes of Tila Tequila and NEXT I wasn’t even aware that MTV actually pretended to know anything about music anymore. I just want to include this quote from the “Where’s Nas?” section of last year’s article to show you what I mean:

“Part of the confusion about our debate was folks actually thought we were putting Nas against Jim Jones, when that really wasn’t the conversation. The question was asked who should be added to the list, and some felt Jim Jones. When asked who should be taken off the answers ranged from Nas to Common to Jay-Z. In the end Nas was the victim, which if you saw the expression on my face, at that moment I could have agreed with Esco that hip-hop is dead if this is what things have come to.”

So if hip hop is dead MTV, who killed it? Make up your own mind, check out last year’s MTV LIST for yourself. And stay tuned because they’ve reconvened this year for a new one that’s about to come out tonight. All I know is this time Andre 3000 moved back to #9 from #4, Young Jeezy holds #8, T.I. is #10, and Soulja Boy just might make the list…


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