The Other Suge Knight Knockout – Ill Doctrine – Don’t Sleep!

Here at HNL we’ve been talking about sleeping on dope stuff a lot this week. Well, here we have it. I am personally responsible for sleeping on yet, something else dope. We have Ill Doctrine in our Blogroll, but for some reason, I’ve never checked it out. It’s something about video blogs that make me feel awkward just pressing the play button. I can’t exactly figure out why. I guess it almost feels like inviting an uncertain experience into my day. I don’t know this person and have no idea what to expect from them and don’t want to be disappointed, you know?

But I slept again! This cat is real talk. Here’s his most recent post on “The Other Suge Knight Knockout”. I love it when new perspectives are brought to light on a situation and this guy is great at that. Pay close attention to what he’s saying throughout because it all ties in to a dope new view on the whole Suge Knight situation at the end.


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