Throwback Sundays Vol 7: Nasty Nas Edition

Ask most people about their top 5 emcees and you’re pretty likely to hear Nasty’s name with a lot of those cats putting him at the top of the list.  From Live at the BBQ to Ilmatic to the Escobar period to besting Hova in battle of the elite to making us think critically about what Hip Hop means to us and whether it’s alive or dead Nas has challenged us with his music from the beginning to the present.  So as we’re on the verge of another highly controversial album from god’s son we at HNL Hip Hop bring to you a short Nas retrospective for this week’s Throwback Sunday.

Videos after the jump.

I had to start strong.  From a true classic LP with no filler or bullshit.  Classic from The Genesis to the last bar.

I was such a fanatic for this when it dropped.  NaSty x L Boogie = insanity…

My favorite joint from I Am.  Sooner or later we’ll all see who the Prophet is…

What a BEAST from Stillmatic.  Not many cats left spitting this hard.

Rooftop like we bringin’….

Nasty Nas…top 5 dead or alive.


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