Throwback Sunday: Vol 9

Throwback Sundays continues to be one of my favorite postings to do.  Every Sunday I sit down and think about videos from at least 10 years back that I haven’t watched in a minute but would really want to see.  But this isn’t just about what we want to see.  It’s about what you want to see as well.  If you’ve got some requests that would like to see featured you know where we stay…so holla at ya people.  Hit us up at    And with that…nostalgia after the jump.

I’m starting volume nine off strong.  Lead single for the Mash Out Posse’s debut LP, To the Death, which rocked speakers up and down the east coast.

Predating the Ruff Ryder style of stuntin’ on bikes Das EFX made the anthem for hardrocks in 95 with this Premo jawn that held down pre-backpack cats holla’n about keep it real.

Back when you could make radio singles where emcees did their damn thing on the mic.  Joey Crack, Nasty Nas, Big Pun, Al Qaeda Jada, & the Chef Raekwon all came through to represent.  Ya now fuckin’ with the heart of New York.

Brooklyn was just one of those cuts in Hip Hop history that identifies the heads in the room.  Put this record on and your people will show themselves.  RIP Ol’ Dirt Dog.

Next week we’re back at it…holla at ya folks!


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