Throwback Sunday Vol 10: Father’s Day Edition

Today is the day we give props to all the fathers of the world. The Hip Hop community has always had an issue with the topic of fatherhood because a lot of cats wouldn’t man up to their responsibilities for one reason or another. For that reason, Father’s Day (just like Mother’s Day), has a special meaning to Hip Hop heads because its a time where respect and tribute can be given to the men that made a difference in our lives as we grew up and continue to grow as people. In honor of the fathers of the world we at HNL Hip Hop dedicate this Throwback Sunday edition to those men.

Videos after the jump…

I didn’t know until I searched for this song that there was a video for this. This is from Mr. X to the Z’s 96 banger of an LP At the Speed of Life.

So this isn’t necessarily a throw back but for anything I might say about Will’s music being bubblegum he did have the courage to make a hit record about his son. We feel it’s appropriate for today.

So this one really isn’t a throw back either (can 4 years ago count for today?) but what a joint! Nas alongside his pops Olu Dara from the double album Street’s Disciple. This 12″ saw a lot of needle time from when it droped.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads of the world.


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