Video: Ice T vs Soulja Boy Cartoon

I laughed so hard at crank dat Ice T that I had tears coming out my eyes…

Via: 2Dopeboyz


1 Response to “Video: Ice T vs Soulja Boy Cartoon”

  1. 1 The Real NYC G-Ma June 24, 2008 at 8:16 am

    Ice T’s Law and Order contract should be canceled for telling a minor to suck his dick! He should know better and stay in his place as a grown man, he’s no role model, but a undercover—- you know what—-, come on out of the closet, T… The movie “Hustle and Flow” is Ice T’s life for real …. He has real issues that have never been settled, he is very angry about his roots, therefore he is mad at the world, all his trappings, cars, bitches, hoe’s, clothes will never fill the emptiness he has inside, he always been a wannbe, will never be the person(s) he portrays in the public eye!!
    Bow out gracefully Mr. T, your game been over, count your blessing gotten this far despite your hatred for real strong woman because Coco is not! Your not a pimp but a imp! your true colors are coming out!! One that personally knows!

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