Video: Throwback Sunday Vol 12

Fam…real talk…my bad on being late this week.  Me and the miss had our sights set on seeing Wanted this weekend and being the economical people that we try to be went to the matinee showing so we could save $1.75.  On a related note Morgan Freeman and Common were pretty badass in this.  And Angelina Jolie…let’s just say its worth your ticket price (discounted though it may be).  While out and about we stopped to see our peoples at Kicks/HI and since then my overactive brain has been focused on sneakers.  I normally allot a certain portion of each and every day dreaming of holy grail pairs that I’d like to own but today I’m on overdrive.  In that, I thought the 95 Air Max was a perfect representative pic for today’s edition of Throwback Sunday.  But enough about all that…your weekly dose of Hip Hop nostalgia can be found after the jump.  And please keep hitting us up with those dope ideas for themes to work on for Throwback Sunday.  We’ve gotten a lot of good ideas so far that you will begin to see implemented very soon.  Make sure to link us at

This one is from the Bush Babees first LP entitled Ambushed which was really ahead of its time. This was a great Ali Shaheed Muhammad produced 12″ single that set the group up to do really great things.  Their first LP paved the way for how incredible their second, Gravity, would come to be.

Ahhh…this was back before the themes for videos were so damn predictable that those with just an ounce of creativty were looked at as geniuses (or worst the greatest rapper alive).  Dres holds down this first verse so nicely and the shots in the pasture with the sheep is is just classic.  And how appropriate of a jam for HI where diversity is the call of the day.

I’m keeping it light-hearted today and what better way than with this Nice & Smooth classic single from their “Ain’t a Damn Thing Changed” LP (which also included “Sometimes I Rhyme Slow”).  This jawn includes a sample the Partridge Family’s “I Think I Love You”.  Another testament to these guys’ push to have fin with the music.

And to round things off today I’m taking back to one of my favorite De La albums (although I’ll contest that there never was a bad one…the most consistently thorough group in Hip Hop and that’s my word!), Stakes is High.  This is one of Dilla’s earliest classic beats and this legendary squad represented on it while still retaining that feel good style that they champion so hard.

So just chill till the next episode…


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