What Happened to Bape?!?

Word is bond fam…I’m only posting this to vent a little bit.  Aside from the fact that A Bathing Ape was Nigo’s way of getting ridiculously rich by making damn near replicas of Air Force 1’s the colorways and patent leather was a huge hit in the States from the time the first shop opened in NY in 2005.  Ironically, A Bathing Ape (Nigo’s statement about street fashion and our own lack of creativity) exploded with huge popularity (therefore making his success the fashion equivalent of Spike Lee’s Bamboozled) because despite the intended statement the mixture of those insane colorways and patent leather were simply too much to resist.  Maybe the new Bape products are also a statement on how dull things are getting right now (honestly folks, plaid?) or maybe it’s just a well disguised facade for getting rich by being trendy.  Whatever the case may be…Bape is getting EXTREMELY boring.  Remember how much you wanted those Bape zip up hoodies in the crazy colored camo?  Maybe I just hate to see a cultural phenomenon such as A Bathing Ape go to waste but someone needs to have an intervention with Nigo and tell him that not only are the Trackstas above not any good but that he needs to step his game back up.  Geez….can we at least get the A1 lookalikes back?

Via: HypeBeast


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