Nike Set to Release the Air Questo Air Force 1

Ok Ok…I’m late on this.  This came out yesterday and your mans had the kind of day where I simply could not bring this to you.  But this is CRAZY.  We all know that ?uestlove is a helluva sneaker head with a crazy kicks collection (second only to his vinyl closet of madness) but to my knowledge this is the first colab sneaker he’s done.  And even if I’m wrong and there was a past project it definitely was not with the king of sneakers.  There’s a SUPER limited edition that’s coming out with a golden toe box that apparently comes with some sort of special gift.  Apparently these sneaker boxes are actually coming sealed (I’ve never heard of Nike doing this before) and so there’s no way of knowing if you’re getting the golden toe box or not.  Prepare for these to go for insane prices on Flight Club and Ebay.

Via: HighSnobriety


1 Response to “Nike Set to Release the Air Questo Air Force 1”

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