Video: Peter Rosenberg at Rock the Bells SF

Fam…can I get something off my chest real quick?  How the hell after we get only three acts from the huge Rock the Bells lineup last year do they not even try and come back.  They gave us three acts off of a dream team line up, Honolulu showed up in mass for $50 a ticket, we rocked the hell on out for Wu and Bone and now we don’t even get a nod this year.  How did that happen?  Let me stop, let me stop.

On a related note…I used to not like Peter Rosenberg, real talk.  I saw him get real disrespectful with Pharoahe Monch last time I was in NY and I kinda wrote the guy off.  Since then, straight up, dude’s doing a lot of good for Hip Hop, diversifying the playlists at Hot 97 (they don’t really play whackness anyway but PR brings it differently), and he’s out living the dream that a lot of us are trying to see.  Peace to Petey, Meth’s hairy Jewish friend.  And LOL at the the trio of kids fanning out like teenage girls backstage.

Via: 2DopeBoyz


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