Mixtape: Trap-a-Holic’s & DJ Rell – Bun’s House

Been a little too long since I got a new mixtape up and I’ve really been warming up to Bun B here recently.  His verse on the Drivin’ Down the Block remix really made me start paying attention.  I really don’t fuck with too many down south cats but Bun is nice. And ya’ll know where I’m from and the sight of a Waffle House is irresistible.  Plus I’m loving the name of this mixtape.  Link and tracklisting after the jump.

Via: TheHustlafiedCorner

  1. Love 4 Money
  2. She’s Bad
  3. You Don’t Have To
  4. I’m Cold
  5. City Of The Swang
  6. Game’s Pain (rmx)
  7. Pop It 4 Pimp
  8. Dickies
  9. Some Ho’s
  10. Your Everything
  11. Think We Got A Problem
  12. They Know
  13. That’s Gangsta f. Sean Kingston
  14. Swang On Em
  15. Get Silly
  16. Blowin Doe Doe
  17. Back In The Go Go
  18. Take The Hood Back
  19. Dirty Dirty
  20. Certified (rmx)
  21. Cross Your Heart
  22. Drivin Down The Block
  23. How We Rock
  24. 2 Mph
  25. We Some Ryders
  26. Story
  27. Slangin
  28. Break Em Off Somethin’

Download: Trap-a-Holic & DJ Rell – Bun’s House


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