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HNL Represents on

You know at HNL Hip Hop we stay on our fitted game. We do a fairly good job at posting the new new but there is an incredible blog covering all the latest and greatest that can be checked for at This weekend one of our very own Honolulu residents made the front page in their Caught in the Act section with this lil number. Now if that’s not an advertisement to come out to the island I don’t know what is.

Shouts to the architects of this cap which is our very own Fitted proudly located right here in Honolulu.

I had to pass this along…

This is for all my peoples shaking cans…

Spotted at: FatLaceMagazine

Kicks Lab Hits Japan

KicksLab invaded Japan this weekend and it was a huge success. Hella cats turned out for what looks like an incredible event. Japan is so nice with their sneaker game. I mean, these cats DO it. Hella pics after the jump. Prepare to salivate.

Via: HypeBeast

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Street Art for 80’s Babies

I don’t know anything about this outside of the fact that the picture was taken in New York.  If you had an original Nintendo than you know what time it is.

Simply brilliant…

Spotted at Kanye’s Blog

Captcha Phrase Throws Insults at HNL

Dirty Captcha Phrase

On the real, MySpace got real nasty with us trying to make a few new friends last night. This image was not altered, this is an image capture of a one in a million insulting captcha phrase. MySpace, don’t hate.

Video: New Air Jordan Commercial

For all my people that stand in long lines to cop those new J’s. On a side note, have you seen the new Birmingham Baron editions? Pics after the jump. They’re so damn clean…

Via: RealTalkNY

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Louis Vuitton x Diddo Velema Gas Masks??

Seriously? Geez…

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