50) Main Source – Breaking Atoms

Main Source #50

So I immediately started laughing when I came upon this one. Classic as it may be, I think it was a mistake on their part to attempt to integrate a “futuristic feel” with their album artwork. Much like Tribe Called Quest’s video for Scenario, it sure was cool at the time…but after about a year or two it just became more and more dated with each passing day.

49) UMC’s – Fruits of Nature

UMC's #49

The album title sums this one up. UMC’s do look like a couple of ‘fruits of nature’ here. The liquid metal Terminator style images of them in the back really don’t help either. Of course this wasn’t so bad for its day, but what these guys could learn from this is that the best album artwork is the kind that remains timeless.

48) Lil Kim – Hardcore

Lil' Kim #48

Home girl is trying so hard it makes me feel sad for her in this one. Not as bad as I feel for the polar bear though. The poor bear gave its life for a photo shoot littered with romance items bought from the nearest convenience store. And not a particularly great album at that.

47) Pooh-Man – Funky As I Wanna Be

Pooh-Man #47

Do we really need to say much about this? I’m hoping Pooh-Man is just a gynecologist with a sensitivity to light. Hope the album title isn’t a comment on the model used for the photo shoot.

46) Iceberg – Gangsta Rap

Iceberg #46

This one is just plain trashy, and the addition of the frame confuses me. Where am I supposed to hang this? The foyer, the bathroom, work? And further more, it gets a special vagina acknowledgment:

Vagina Acknowledgment

45) Sumthin Terrible – U 2Tupid!!

Sumthin Terrible #45

A passed out chick in a hospital gown on a stretcher just does not create sex appeal guys:

Passed Out Chick

44) New Recruits – Torpedo Alert

New Recruits #44

So here are seven different guys, including Lil’ Trigger Boy, Trigger MAN (don’t get them confused! Trigger MAN is taller), and tattoo guy (which one is tattoo guy? Think it’s the one with the tattoos on his face?) who can’t get enough of sunglasses, mustaches, tattoos, bald heads, and jerseys. Pretty much bad ass.

43) Three Six Mafia – Chpt. 2 World Domination

Three Six Mafia #43

Oh! So this is what happens when you take acid and watch Snoop Dogg’s Hood Of Horror through a kaleidoscope. I’ve always wanted to know.

42) Common – Finding Forever

Common #42

First of all, I know eye makeup when I see it. Common has had so many good album covers; it was a little upsetting and confusing when this one dropped. I kept hoping it was just a fake one that was put up by some first year graphic design student.

41) Gangsta Boo – Both Worlds * 69

Gangsta Boo #41

That is one hot mess of a yin and yang. This is the kind of thing that throws worlds OUT of balance. So we have good boo on the right, you know she’s good because of the cross dangling in her cleavage. And then on the left, we have bad boo. You know she’s bad because she is representing evil through her pink bandana, cigarette, sunglasses, and self-fondling.

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