30) Master P – 99 Ways To Die

Master P #30

29) Master P – Ghetto D

Master P #29

28) Master P – Da Last Don

Master P #28

27) Master P – Ice Cream Man

Master P #27

26) Hot Boys – Let ‘Em Burn

Hot Boys #26

This basically represents the sentence a judge would deliver after having to sit through this album while viewing the artwork.

25) Paul Wall – The People’s Champ

Paul Wall #25

James Bond remake?

Jaws Villain

24) LOX – We Are The Streets

The Lox #24

You too can be the streets! Simply upload a photo of a street into Photoshop, layer a picture of yourself by dragging the separate file onto the image, and adjust the ‘opacity’ tool in your layer box to 25%!

Lox Parody

23) Da Brat – Self Titled

Da Brat #23

Damn. I have always wanted a spandex outfit made out of glamor shots of myself. I just never knew they made such a thing!

22) C Murder – Life Or Death

C Murder #22

Hawk, spider webs, half eaten leg, claw for a hand, bad shoes…I’m gonna have to go with death.

21) Juvenile – 400 Degrees

Juvenile #21

Juvenile wins our Use of Flames award for this gem. Here we see Juvenile depicted in a world of flames, dominatrix women, and his own giant head peering down upon himself. Pure visual genius.

Use of Flames Award

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