20) Lupe Fiasco – Food & Liquor

Lupe Fiasco #20

Now I know a lot of you love Lupe, but this is a Pink Floyd obsession gone wrong. Lupe wins our Ridiculous Set Props Award for not being able to travel to space without things like his Sidekick, favorite Nintendo Game, Nintendo DS, torn up Koran, and various toys.

Ridiculous Set Props Award

19) Lil’ Mac – Makin’ Love To Money

Lil' Mac #19

Chin Hair

Here are two men who love nothing more than making love to money, braiding their chin hair, and peering suggestively over their sunglasses. This receives our Image Quality Award for looking like the TV antennae needs to be adjusted slightly to the left.

Image Quality Award

18) Tony Tee – Time To Get Physical

Tony Tee #18

Tony Tee’s 50-pound barbell requires not one spotter, but two! It’s tough being a lightweight!

17) Krushadelic – Ghost Rider

Krushadelic #17

There’s really nothing funny about this one…it’s just…bad.

16) Mystikal – Unpredictable

Mystikal #16

Some mysteries are better left unsolved.

15) Soulja Slim – Give It 2 ‘Em Raw

Soulja Slim #15

Wouldn’t you know! Presented by Master P! Soulja’s album cover is ridiculous enough in its “street warfare” motif, but it’s the excessively stoned look on his face that makes this one a winner. Let’s not try too hard here guys!

Soulja Slim Stoned

14) Vanilla Ice – Cool As Ice Soundtrack

Vanilla Ice #14

Yes, yes, and yes. You guessed it. Vanilla Ice is rewarded with the Bitchassness Award for his cover shot on the Cool As Ice soundtrack. In fact, although bitchassness was the only qualifying guideline for this album cover, it was SO strong it managed to carry it all the way up to number 14 on our list.

Bitchassness Award

13) B.G. – Chopper City In The Ghetto

BG #13

Hot Boys labeled champagne – check, miniature model replica of a Rolls Royce – check, golden goblet – check, elegantly framed picture of oneself throwing up gang signs amongst flames in the background – check. Yep, ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the epitome of luxury that is Baby Gangsta.

BG in Background

12) Snoop Dogg – Da Game’s to Be Sold, Not to Be Told

Snoop Dogg #12

Snoop managed to cram such an extraordinary amount of crap into this cover, including a yellow helicopter on the top right, that we couldn’t over look this one.

11) Prodigy – HNIC 2

Prodigy #11

I’m curious if drawing in the drug paraphernalia for the album cover was a strategic move on Prodigy’s behalf in order not to violate good behavior status during his prison sentence. Prodigy also receives the Overuse Of Self Award for managing to make up 75% of the characters seen on the album cover.

Overuse of Self Award

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