Baby Ballers vs Big Ballers by La Liko

So folks are officially spending more than they earn and I feel we’ve got to talk about this. We’ve seen the reports, heard the news. Some of you may have heard that Beanie Sigel’s house may go into foreclosure and he almost lost his Maserati. Beanie is unable to tour outside of the Philly area, and thus earn touring money to pay his bills, because of his parole status. Beanie just recently violated his parole by testing positive for Xanex, blaming the newfound prescription addiction on stresses over his finances.

Yes, inflation is rising more quickly than wages are rising to meet it and record sales are way down, but folks a’int spending any better! Is there some unwritten rule with the average person that says if they get a 4% raise, that means they have to go out and spend 5.2% more? Were they not surviving off of what they spent before the raise? Because that’s what the nation is doing people, and folks need to wake up and get some self discipline! Every year since 2005 for the first time since the Great Depression, savings have been in the negative an average of 1.2%. That means a family or individual who makes $100,000 a year is spending $101,200 a year. And if you’re making six figures, why in the hell aren’t you able to pay for your shit?

ANSWER: Cause yo spoiled ass is greedy and wants things you can’t afford!

So that means all you baby ballers out there!!! Cats are sitting around watching videos of Fiddy and T.I. being swarmed by half-naked women and you’re thinking you gotta have that super cool chain with the tommy gun pendant on it cause surely, that’ll bring on the poon at the club…because let’s face it, 75-85% of male shopping decisions are actually made by the penis. This is a fact! Now the penis has never been known for making good decisions and if you don’t believe that then picture in your mind some of the girls you and your homeboys have slept with. Case in fact. Thank you.

What the baby ballers don’t seem to grasp is that celebrities get a lot of free swag. Cars, jewelry, clothing…all of this in videos is either borrowed or free. This is because the companies that lend it or give it away for free know that the moment a baby baller spots their favorite rapper wearing it or driving it they’ll do whatever it takes to go out and buy it, even if that means financing it at 5.65%APR on their Macy’s card or taking out a 9.87% interest car loan (and later defaulting on the loan ending up in repossession of the car because the interest payments were too high, thus resulting in an even worse credit score than before).

Now let’s talk about big ballers. The difference between a baby baller and a big baller is that baby ballers spend, big ballers invest. Big ballers know that if your money’s not working for you, you don’t work for it. They also understand the importance of RETURN ON INVESTMENT. You see, everything in life is financed. This can be a positive finance (getting interest payments from a CD account, and no that is not a compact disc!), or negative finance (car loan, credit card payments) and once you understand that you’re on your way to big baller status. You see, things like cars are the worse investment a person can make because it has a negative rate of return. The moment you drive it off the lot its value plummets. It’s much better to buy a used car than a new car, and if it looks good and it runs well, what’s the problem? And be honest with yourself on that one.

Now I’m not going to get too far into positive investments (meaning the % results are in your favor) such as REIT’s, commercial and residential real estate, CD accounts, company shares, municipal bonds, whoops you got bored already didn’t you? And I’ll take “sounding like your dad” as a compliment. But what I’m trying to say is that those with money are those who know how to save money. Big ballers are those who know when to and when not to spend money and what to and what not to spend it on.

Thank you, you’ve been a wonderful audience. Until next time.

La Liko bought, doubled the value of, and sold two nationally recognized businesses by the age of 23. She is a hip hop head who is also a Financial Consultant here in Honolulu.

La Liko


1 Response to “Baby Ballers vs Big Ballers by La Liko”

  1. 1 Chris June 1, 2009 at 11:41 am

    good post – nobody’s gonna give a baby baller love when he cant afford a happy meal

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