Hip-Hop In Toys


These things are so much fun! And shout outs to companies like Kid Robot too. If you’re a hip-hop head chances are you have a collector’s mindset and hip-hop toys such as these and Kid Robot’s adorn your living space.


Oh my God. Don’t. Just don’t. Please.

Hip-Hop In Kids’ Education


Beyonce’s dad has launched a toy line based on rhythm for toddlers. This particular item is like lil’ midge’s first interactive MPC. Just dance on it to make beats. We need more good producers in the world.

Via: Pro Hip Hop


Track Listing:

1. 1s Always The Same (inspired by Akon’s “I Wanna F*ck You”)

2. Me and 2s (inspired by Cassie’s “Me and U”)

3. Crank Them 3s (inspired by Soulja Boy’s “Crank That”)

4. Throw Some 4s On It (inspired by Rich Boy’s “Throw Some D’s”)

5. 5s This Is Why I’m Smart (inspired by Mims’ “This Is Why I’m Hot”)

6. 6s Math Facts Teacher (inspired by T-Pain’s “Bartender”)

7. 7s Ballin’ (inspired by Jim Jones’ “We Fly High”)

8. 8s I Know You Know It (inspired by Yung Joc’s “I Know You See It”)

9. The 9s Trick (inspired by Jibbs “Chain Hang Low”)

10. 10s Work It Out (inspired by DJ Unk’s “Walk It Out”)

11. 11s Double Double (inspired by Chris Brown’s “Kiss Kiss”)

12. 12s Tell Me What You Know (inspired by E-40’s “Tell Me When To Go”)

13. 0s Clear It Out (inspired by Webstar’s “Chicken Noodle Soup”)

Via: Pro Hip Hop

I’m sorry, but I just don’t think it’s very kosher to base toddler education songs off of “Chain Hang Low” and “I Wanna Fuck You”.

Hip-Hop In Books


Jeff Chang is a thorough hip-hop historian who is one of the most authoritative sources for documenting our history and culture. Chang is one of the very few hip-hop historians with a legitimate right to speak on hip-hop because he is, himself, part of hip-hop. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop is an absolute classic, must-read for anyone involved in the culture. Know your history.


So here’s the synopsis from Amazon.com:

“Welcome to the Maze is a novel about Raekwon, who takes us through his bloodthirsty streets to witness his struggle from childhood and beyond. Only after having a life-alarming experience does Raekwon realize that death lurks among the streets. He realizes that it is him against the world. He gets wrapped up inside his mixed perceptions of life, and dives in the game head first. After Tone introduces him to the deep waters of the game, Kwon finds it hard to swim through life threatening situations. Raekwon loses hope after being betrayed by his only father figure. Raekwon’s most daring challenge is accepting his lifestyle, and finding his way through the Maze with one foot in the game, and one in the penitentiary.”

First of all, anyone who’s into hip-hop who reads isn’t going to want to read this. Further more, it’s $20! Does Wu-Tang know about this?

Hip-Hop In Clothing


Since RUN D.M.C. set things straight and far from the Village People look of Furious Five and Grandmaster Flash hip-hop fashion has been taking over. From independent clothing companies like Leilow, In4mation, and Saint Alfred to the giants like Rocawear and G-Unit street wear reigns highest amongst consumer clothing purchases.


Don’t mock us with lame costumes. If your fratboy ass wanted to go as a “homie” for Halloween you could of at least spent a little of your trust fund money on a better outfit using real clothes instead of a zip up uni-piece foam suit.

Hip-Hop In Spreading The Word


Hip-hop and community activism go great together. Gap put out a beautiful ad campaign with the use of their clothing and hip-hop stars such as Mary J and Wyclef Jean called Product Red to raise money and awareness in order to help women and children suffering from AIDS in the African community. This was an incredible cooperative use of name brand and artist popularity for a greater cause.


This is a classic that never gets old. Hip-hop and religion really don’t belong together no matter what KRS says. The mix of the two worlds always sounds completely ridiculous. This might be a stretch, but how many times have you heard rappers talking about killing dudes and screwing bitches in one song, and then turn over the next song to praise God? Give me a break. Hey, if you don’t believe me, peep this interview for DMX’s gospel album.

So there you have it. Hip-hop is not always a magic marketing tool for every product and it’s definitely not a saving grace for delivering any sort of message. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The trick in marketing is to read your audience and gear your product towards them. If your marketing is off, so is what you’re trying to sell.



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