Guilty Simpson
Ode to the Ghetto
Stones Throw Records

When was the last debut album that was highly anticipated? When was the last time one of your favorite emcees hadn’t dropped a single album? Perhaps owe it to the genius of the late J Dilla, the hype and clout that goes along with association with Stones Throw Records, or that Detroit has become the city that is continually producing artists that are cracking heads from NY to LA and everywhere in between. Whatever it is, Guilty Simpson has been that cat for a minute. Featured on incredible albums over the past few years along with great appearances on Stones Throw compilations he has made his presence known. Guilty is not capable of standing on his own however. His lyricism is not really all that spectacular nor his is subject variety and therefore his celebrated delivery MUST be coupled with fitting production to bring out the sound that has made Guilty the figure that he is. With this in mind Ode to the Ghetto is kinda hit or miss. Madlib mostly misses the mark except when he sounds like Dilla, Oh No dropped the ball, Mr. Porter was hit and miss, Babu misunderstood the Simpson sound, Black Milk did his damn thing, and Guilty can only blame himself for how he fumbled over Dilla’s joint. Honestly, this is a problem that we’ll probably have to get used to. We got put on to Guilty through Dilla and it was that combination that really made us feel what he brought to the table. There’s a lot of promise however when Guilty and Black team up and if the colab with Sean Price is any indication of what we can expect when the three team up for a full length later this year than not only is hope not lost but the future looks really bright.  -Wigs


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