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Video: Collection of Officer Ross Photoshop Creations

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ricky surely isn’t the first to lie about his past to gain the kind of street cred they don’t deserve but this collection was too funny not to pass along.  Is it going too far to suggest that Rick Ross is the Milli Vanilli of crack rap?

Via: RealTalkNY

Kanye West Tops MTV’s 2008 Hottest MCs in the Game List

So MTV’s list has improved from last year, but we’re still wondering who anyone besides Sway was on that “panel of hip-hop experts” including “Buttahman” who insisted that Soulja Boy replace Andre 3000 on the list. Maybe the panel needs to learn what an MC actually is before voting next time. HNL’s got our own answer to MTV’s list up our sleeves though, so keep an eye out because it will debut tomorrow.

Full listing after the jump.

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First Look: Rick Ross on the Cover of the July XXL

Shakes head…who was it that thought this would actually help sell the magazine?

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