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Throwback: Warren G – You Don’t See

So around here at HNL we’ve decided to flip the script a little bit.  Throwback Sundays are a thing of the past.  In reality, I don’t think a lot of folks are trying to sit down and watch a bunch of music videos on their computers on Sunday afternoon.  That, and I’d much much rather drop gems when I feel like dropping heat so as to keep it relevant to the time and as a pleasant surprise to you the reader.  So this is how you’ll be seeing it from now on.  And ya know…something about every song off of this LP brings me back to being 10 years old again (I know I just dated myself…I’ll let you do the math) and letting the tape rock till the tape pop.  Honestly, I snapped this one fro overuse.  And with that…expect more heat from our throwback section throughout the week from now on, not just only on Sundays.