HNL Hip Hop combines all of the reasons that you read blogs, cuts the fat and filler, and offers way more than your average site. For Hip Hop cats worldwide the blog will be the one stop you need for everything relevant going on minus the gossip and fluff. Let the other blogs handle that. For heads in Honolulu this is the new location for ALL Hip Hop show listings on the island of O’ahu. HNL Hip Hop is also a space for quality editorials on the culture, album reviews, and more. The site is designed as a vehicle to bring Honolulu’s Hip Hop culture to the world, connect the greater community at large to O’ahu, and to connect the island with itself. The staff at HNL Hip Hop is just as diverse as the people of Honolulu. And this is only the beginning…

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-HNL Hip Hop

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