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The Rise and Fall of G-Unit by Michael Partis

Author Michael Partis has written a good retrospective look on how G-Unit rose to stardom and how the failure of their recent album (by mainstream standards at least) has signaled the demise of a once powerful crew.  Read the full article with pics after the jump.

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How to Convince the World You’re the “Greatest Alive”

On the real to real…I’ve been baffled by the Weezy Phenomena and have been trying to figure it out for a minute now. I’ve listened to the tracks, tried to see what others saw, questioned Weezyites on the subject and still came up with nothing. The best I can do is tell you that I think he’s crazy. And we enjoy watching crazy people because we are intrigued by what they may do next. That and we have come to expect that insanity breeds good music (if Jazz has taught us anything its that crazy has indeed birthed creative genius before). Hip Hop writer Artemus Jenkins takes another stab at it. He breaks down the phenomena by looking at the 48 laws of power and how we might just have been hood-winked by a few tricks Dwayne picked up from some of his college courses. I’ll let you be the judge. Full article after the jump.

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Still Spending Money from 88′

Corporate Takeover has just put up their extensive review of the business dealings of Shawn Carter. This is an incredibly motivational and awe-inspiring read. This is a must to check for. Props to Corporate Takeover for making this happen and highlighting some of the traits of the new emerging model for the music industry. So gather around hustlers as if you’re still living…

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Hip Hop DX Predicts the Future

Hip Hop DX writer Brian Sims has written a really interesting article on what he believes Hip Hop will be like in 25 years. His thoughts will surprise you and definitely cause you to think. As Hip Hop culture is inextricably linked to the society it belongs to he addresses what world problems will be like in the next quarter century and how that will affect the industry and the people in it…artists and consumers. This should most definitely be checked for.

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XXL’s Scratch Blog Weighs in on the Importance of Video Game Songs Vs Hit Singles

Real talk on why being on a video game soundtrack might be more important in nowadays than having a hot 12″ single. RIP Scratch magazine. We really lost one of our own when they folded. Full article after the jump.

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6 Ways Bloggers Are Like Rappers

Bloggers and rappers are pretty much the same people. As Chartreuse smartly pointed out:

What we have in the blogosphere is the generation that grew up on Tupac vs. Biggie playing the same game in their universe.

Not convinced? Here are six similarities that leave very little room for doubt.

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