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Video: Jay-Z Live at Palladium

Jay runs through Can I Live, Interlude, Nigga What Nigga Who, and H to the Izzo in LA.  Swagger like us with T.I. after the jump.

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Video: Tim Westwood and Jay-Z Interview

Sean speaks on Obama, the leaked irrelevant Fat Joe diss joint, the Nets, the stock market fall out, and his Glastonbury performance.

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Video: Swagger Like Puff…

I was dying laughing at this first version.  Hearing Puff (by the way…I’m really glad he still calls himself Puff…he’ll always be that to most of us) impersonate Ye, Hov, and Weezy was great.  And this video is on a level of nerd that myself and a lot of us can identify with.  Version 2 is after the jump.

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Video: Jay-Z Performs “Jockin’ Jay-Z” from Blueprint 3

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So here’s what we know:

Kanye is entirely producing the album

“Jockin’ Jay-Z” will be leaked as soon as Hov adds a third verse

There’s a possible release date in December

I know this is obviously way too early to call but it sounds to me like we have the makings of a classic.  Come on now…I know ya’ll feel me.

Via: Mick Boogie’s Blog

Jay-Z to be Featured in Vogue Italia’s All Black Issue

Baby ballers take notes.

More pics from the feature after the jump.

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Video: Busta Rhymes Discusses the Millie and I Got Bass Beats with Producer Bangladesh

Let me first say that you can tell when you watch this and any other video of Busta that when this man speaks you are supposed to dead your speech.  Bussa commands the room when he talks and one of these days I’d really like to sit down with him and build on everything that is Hip Hop.  Now, in this video our man tells the story of his night at the club with Jigga and L.A. Reid celebrating Barack Obama’s nomination and how Hov decided to do his own millie freestyle after seeing the spot explode when hearing that.  Busta also explains how that night made him run home to dig up his own Bangladesh beat he had been sitting on.  And on a side note, check out Bang’s girl when they pan over to them around 3:02.  Is she rolling her eyes at the props Busta is giving to her man or she is so blunted that her eyes are rolling back like that?  I’ll let you be the judge.  And what do folks think of I Got Bass?  How much of a beast is Blessed gonna be?

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Video: Jay-Z Covers Wonderwall at Glastonbury…kinda

So here’s what I’m left wondering…did Jay stick it to Noel Gallagher with this, lose the jab as 300,000 people sung along, or did all of this just give Oasis the last remnant of relevance they’ll ever have?

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