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Sneakers: Eminem Air Jordan 2 “The Way I Am”

I’m kinda on the fence on what exactly I think about these but I don’t think the oppurtunity to own a pair might ever be before m.  Only 313 (Detroit area code) will be produced and will be available only to Jordan Flight Club members.  What do you think fam?

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Video: Mayor Shows off His Sneaker Collection

Ok…so maybe this is a pretty weak trailer as far as film editing goes but if you really dig sneakers like we dig sneakers than this will be a 30 seconds well spent.

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Video: “I Believe I Can Fly” – Jordan Documentary Shoot

We all know and realize that Just For Kicks was a landmark achievement for sneakerheads giving shine to Adidas, Air Force 1’s, and Jordans.  But really, Jordans deserve a documentary all their own and now it’s about to go down.  Here are some clips from the upcoming film as well as footage of the gathering they orchestrated at the Jordan statue.

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Video: Fat Joe Speaks on His Sneaker Collection Part 2

Crack says he’ll take on anyone’s collection…even Clark Kent.  Dayum.

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Sneakers: Nike Air Force 1 x Slam Jam

Now at first glance I know its real easy to wonder why these are a big deal.  Design wise…they’re really not (though that doesn’t make them bad sneakers…just not quite revolutionary…just clean and classic).  But what is cool is that these are a colab effort with Italian sneaker/streetwear shop Slam Jam who does a lot of good work bigging up the culture in Italy.  On a side note though…if these were our signature jawns I think I’d really want do something a lil more special…let me stop.  I’m frontin’ like I don’t want 2 pair.

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Sneakers: Custom Obama Air Force 1s

I know it might seem like this blog seems like it’s turning into Obama mania but the amount of Hip Hop related Obama material is too rich right now not to bring to you.  This is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  This pair of Uptowns was spotted on Daddy Yankee Fat Joe.  And check for the pic of Will.I.Am sporting a pair in English after the jump.

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Sneakers: Nike x De La Soul – 2009 Edition

So word around the way is that these were supposed to drop in 2006 but Nike scrapped the idea.  These are supposed to resemble the shows wore on the cover of the AOI: Bionix album cover (great LP by the way).  These look a lot like the Dinosaur JRs to me and got nothing on the original joints.  But none the less I think its a good concept.

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