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Video: Funk Flex Speaks on the R Kelly BET Interview

Flex really goes in on this.  Nuff respect to a legend in the game like him for putting industry politics aside to say what needed to be said.  Hopefully others will follow…

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Sneakers: Custom Obama Air Force 1s

I know it might seem like this blog seems like it’s turning into Obama mania but the amount of Hip Hop related Obama material is too rich right now not to bring to you.  This is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  This pair of Uptowns was spotted on Daddy Yankee Fat Joe.  And check for the pic of Will.I.Am sporting a pair in English after the jump.

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Video: Barack Obama on O’Reilly Factor pt 4

Damn it Barack…keeping missle shields in Poland?  That’s the kind of bullshit that needs to end.  You’re still my dude but I really hope you take a turn for the better on that issue once you get in office.  On a side note however, I want to compare Barack’s answers on foreign policy to that of Sarah Palin’s real quick.  She was on ABC tonight and was asked what she thought of the Bush Doctrine.  It had to be EXPLAINED TO HER.  Heartbeat away from the presidency people…that’s all I’m saying.  That video is after the jump.

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Video: Barack Obama on the O’Reilly Factor Pt 3

Bill never lets talk about much anything of substance on this one but nonetheless it’s good watching how Barack holds his own directly in the face of these ridculously woven attacks.  It’s obvious he did his homework on how to handle these questions before he went in.  The mark of a proven leader who if you ask me.

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Video: Fox News Speaks on Ludacris’s “Politics as Usual” from The Preview

Maybe I just haven’t listened to something come out of Sean Hannity’s mouth in a really long time but I found myself yelling at my laptop while watching this.  Either way…Luda’s put a dope joint out.  I’m amazed that Fox is speaking on a joint on Luda’ Gangsta Grillz mixtape.  Seems they’re reaching…

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Video: ?uestlove Tells You Why You Should Vote for Barack

Anyone else got anything to say about Obama not standing for issues?

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Obama Wins Enough Delegates to Secure the Democratic Nomination

Let’s get used to hearing the words “President Obama.”

Yeah…that’s what’s up.

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