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Video: Fox News Speaks on Ludacris’s “Politics as Usual” from The Preview

Maybe I just haven’t listened to something come out of Sean Hannity’s mouth in a really long time but I found myself yelling at my laptop while watching this.  Either way…Luda’s put a dope joint out.  I’m amazed that Fox is speaking on a joint on Luda’ Gangsta Grillz mixtape.  Seems they’re reaching…

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Video: Notorious Video Diary #4 – Casting Biggie

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You know that moment they talk about in casting when the perfect actor steps up and commands the role that the director is trying to fill?  I wonder what that moment was like for Notorious…

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Video: Redman – I Run My Block

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This is Reggie as you’ve come to know him…crazy as all get out.  If you haven’t listened to it yet the I Run My Block is over Hov’s Show Me What You Got (lil late on that Doc?).  And the mini-whip…too much!

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Mixtape: DJ Drama & Ludacris – The Preview

Let’s get it straight folks…and I mean this with all respect due…Luda is one of the only cats out the south that is doing it at this high of a level.  Don’t lump him up with some of these other clowns *cough* officer Ross *cough* jeezy *cough* plies.  Excuse me.  And I promised that I would bring this to you.  This is the dirty south at a high level of lyricism and ability to spit.  There’s only a few so real recognize real.  Gangsta grizillz!

Download: DJ Drama & Ludacris – The Preview

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Throwback: Warren G – You Don’t See

So around here at HNL we’ve decided to flip the script a little bit.  Throwback Sundays are a thing of the past.  In reality, I don’t think a lot of folks are trying to sit down and watch a bunch of music videos on their computers on Sunday afternoon.  That, and I’d much much rather drop gems when I feel like dropping heat so as to keep it relevant to the time and as a pleasant surprise to you the reader.  So this is how you’ll be seeing it from now on.  And ya know…something about every song off of this LP brings me back to being 10 years old again (I know I just dated myself…I’ll let you do the math) and letting the tape rock till the tape pop.  Honestly, I snapped this one fro overuse.  And with that…expect more heat from our throwback section throughout the week from now on, not just only on Sundays.

Termanology ft Bun B – How We Rock

So I don’t normally do this.  I usually don’t post up streams and like to give you the actual MP3.  But Term has asked that we not put this up for download, it’s such an ill joint (and Bun B goes in!), and I want to do everything I can to push Termanology’s Politics as Usual, dropping September 30th.  Trust me, the moment we get the go ahead to put this up for download you’ll have it.  For now though…here’s the stream

We got the go ahead so here it is.  Streets feel this…

Download: Termanology ft Bun B – How We Rock

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Video: Collection of Officer Ross Photoshop Creations

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ricky surely isn’t the first to lie about his past to gain the kind of street cred they don’t deserve but this collection was too funny not to pass along.  Is it going too far to suggest that Rick Ross is the Milli Vanilli of crack rap?

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