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Throwback Video: Method Man – Release Yo’ Delf

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ya’ll know how I do on a lazy Sunday afternoon…trippin’ on Tical’s fro and PNB Nation jacket.

Throwback Video: Da Luniz – I Got 5 On It

On a lazy Sunday afternoon this joint came to mind and I think to myself…I can’t be the only one who finds this appropriate.  That, and Sundays are just a good day for throwbacks.

Throwback: M.O.P. – Ante Up

Now I realize I haven’t done a throwback in a minute…and I know this one is only about eight years old…but I dare someone to say something about it.  When it comes to club jams that make the club explode, reach for this.  I was such a fanatic for this joint when Warriorz dropped.  I got to feelin’ like I’m $999,999 short of a million too the way fuel prices are driving up the cost of errry giat damn thing we import.  So I thought this would be appropriate.  I’m bout to take some rangs off…

Throwback: Warren G – You Don’t See

So around here at HNL we’ve decided to flip the script a little bit.  Throwback Sundays are a thing of the past.  In reality, I don’t think a lot of folks are trying to sit down and watch a bunch of music videos on their computers on Sunday afternoon.  That, and I’d much much rather drop gems when I feel like dropping heat so as to keep it relevant to the time and as a pleasant surprise to you the reader.  So this is how you’ll be seeing it from now on.  And ya know…something about every song off of this LP brings me back to being 10 years old again (I know I just dated myself…I’ll let you do the math) and letting the tape rock till the tape pop.  Honestly, I snapped this one fro overuse.  And with that…expect more heat from our throwback section throughout the week from now on, not just only on Sundays.

Videos: Throwback Sunday Vol 14

So after seeing The Dark Knight yesterday I’ve been obsessed with all that is Batman.  So I’m stretching a little bit for today’s installment of Throwback videos and featuring all videos from 1989, the year of the first Tim Burton Batman movie and the debut of Jack Nicholson’s Joker.  And allow me to be the thousandth person to say this but Heath Ledger’s Joker was INCREDIBLE.  So for now I’ll stop nerding out and present this week’s edition of Throwback Sunday.

You know the drill…after the jump.

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Videos: Throwback Sunday Vol 13

So it seems that if I take a week off from doing Throwback Sundays then a few people take notice.  My apologies to everyone that logged on last weekend looking to find their weekend dose of throwback videos when there were none to be found.  We’re back this weekend and doing it up.  Make sure you keep hitting us up with your theme suggestions as we’ll start theming videos and mixes around them very soon.

And you know the drill…videos after the jump.

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Video: Throwback Sunday Vol 12

Fam…real talk…my bad on being late this week.  Me and the miss had our sights set on seeing Wanted this weekend and being the economical people that we try to be went to the matinee showing so we could save $1.75.  On a related note Morgan Freeman and Common were pretty badass in this.  And Angelina Jolie…let’s just say its worth your ticket price (discounted though it may be).  While out and about we stopped to see our peoples at Kicks/HI and since then my overactive brain has been focused on sneakers.  I normally allot a certain portion of each and every day dreaming of holy grail pairs that I’d like to own but today I’m on overdrive.  In that, I thought the 95 Air Max was a perfect representative pic for today’s edition of Throwback Sunday.  But enough about all that…your weekly dose of Hip Hop nostalgia can be found after the jump.  And please keep hitting us up with those dope ideas for themes to work on for Throwback Sunday.  We’ve gotten a lot of good ideas so far that you will begin to see implemented very soon.  Make sure to link us at

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