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Video: Fall of the Roc

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Another hilarious soap opera style look at the fate of the Roc La Familia since 2005.  It’s the Real does it every time.  How much do you think these cats smoke in their brainstorming sessions?

VIa: NahRight


Video: Throwback Sunday Vol 12

Fam…real talk…my bad on being late this week.  Me and the miss had our sights set on seeing Wanted this weekend and being the economical people that we try to be went to the matinee showing so we could save $1.75.  On a related note Morgan Freeman and Common were pretty badass in this.  And Angelina Jolie…let’s just say its worth your ticket price (discounted though it may be).  While out and about we stopped to see our peoples at Kicks/HI and since then my overactive brain has been focused on sneakers.  I normally allot a certain portion of each and every day dreaming of holy grail pairs that I’d like to own but today I’m on overdrive.  In that, I thought the 95 Air Max was a perfect representative pic for today’s edition of Throwback Sunday.  But enough about all that…your weekly dose of Hip Hop nostalgia can be found after the jump.  And please keep hitting us up with those dope ideas for themes to work on for Throwback Sunday.  We’ve gotten a lot of good ideas so far that you will begin to see implemented very soon.  Make sure to link us at

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Video: Jay-Z Covers Wonderwall at Glastonbury…kinda

So here’s what I’m left wondering…did Jay stick it to Noel Gallagher with this, lose the jab as 300,000 people sung along, or did all of this just give Oasis the last remnant of relevance they’ll ever have?

Via: NahRight

Video: Lupe Addresses Glastonbury

Via: RealTalkNY

Video: Jay-Z on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

Jay had me laughing my ass off during this.  But on the real…those glasses?  And did you hear that Jigga is looking into buying a piece of the Yankees?  Call me a stan if you want but I know I’ll rock my NY fitteds ever harder after that goes down.

Part 2 after the jump…

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DJ Scratch Leaves EPMD

Scratch was a member of EPMD for over 20 years and they up and began recording an album and touring without him.  Even telling told fans at shows that he missed his plane.  Sounds pretty fowl…

Full story at AllHipHop

Kaba Modern to Perform at Rice Cracker this Saturday

So for those of you who didn’t tune into MTV’s American’s Best Dance Crew last season (and I highly reccomend that you start if you haven’t already) Kaba Modern was one of the illest dance squads on the show (second only to the insanity that the Jabawockeez brought each and every time) and they’re performing this Saturday at Rice Cracker.  Rice Cracker goes down every Saturday night at Aloha Tower and features DJs XL, Delve1der, and more.  Make sure you’re in the place to be for this.  And you might want to show up early…this promises to be Nuts.

But for now I’m off to Illmatic…I’ll see all the Hip Hop heads there.

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