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R.I.P. MP3 Posts

So fam…the unthinkable has happened.  The man has come down on us here at HNL Hip Hop.  For the third time in a month I’ve got hit with a DMCA violation and wordpress threatened to shut me down permanently.  I couldn’t have that so I struck a deal and told them that I woud cease to post MP3 downloads and wipe out all the ones I’ve put up since we began the site last March.  The reason I have to wipe out the archives is because mostly these violations I received come from older posts from months ago.  To all of the labels who understand the digital age and the changes in the music industry who have kept us up on MP3 downloads as a way of promoting their artists through the blogs, I got you fam.  And I’m hella sorry that you have to suffer for the actions of a few misguided and out of touch labels who think that posting their artists’ music hurts their sales.  Remember that without blogs people get their music through Limewire and are clueless about album release dates, artwork, any videos related to the project that aren’t on 106 & Park, and, by the way, they only download radio hits meaning you are not exposing your artists to new audiences.  But let me stop…I’m preaching to the choir on this one.

So fam, hurry up and get any of the MP3 downloads off the site that you’ve been wanting because they’re all coming down when I have a chance to take on that task (most likely this evening).  I’ll continue to post mixtape links as that’s new material that I don’t get violation notices for.  Perhaps in the very near future I can figure out a way to resume posting MP3 links but until then please check out my folks over at the New Music Cartel, KNOWxOne, and IllRoots for the latest in MP3 downloads and brand new music.  I’ll get this worked out fam…but once I erase all the work done so far its gone forever.  Get it while its hot.

One love,


Fitted Hawaii Featured on

Damn…my homies at Fitted are DOING it.  Fam always has the illest fitted hats on island and their new releases regularly make it on to the blog for hat collectors…but this is next level.  Fitted has taken over the site today with a new post every two hours (I have no idea how many there will be).  Some feature upcoming releases (start saving your duckets by the way because Fitted has got some HEAT coming before the year’s end) and others feature artists and core representatives of the Islands.  I’ve said it dozens of times in this space but allow me to reiterate, we have a GEM in Fitted here on Oahu and it would do everyone well to recognize the resource and solid representative role they play for all of us.  Check out their takeover by clicking here.

Fellow Honolulu Blogger KnowxOne Begins Writing for Premier Hip Hop News Source Hip Hop DX

The staff at HNL wants to big up and send HUGE shouts to our mellow our mans Ges Miyashiro who runs Honolulu’s original bad man blog at for his recent appointal to the writing staff at Hip Hop DX.  If you keep up with your Hip Hop news on the regular (or you simply read ours or KnowxOne’s blog) then you know that Hip Hop DX is a premier source to become informed at when it comes to up to the minute news.  Once again, HUGE congratulations go out to our homie at his new position and we’re damn proud to see the good people at Hip Hop DX recognize game from the island.  He deeed it!

Ges’s first published piece can be found here.

Kaba Modern to Perform at Rice Cracker this Saturday

So for those of you who didn’t tune into MTV’s American’s Best Dance Crew last season (and I highly reccomend that you start if you haven’t already) Kaba Modern was one of the illest dance squads on the show (second only to the insanity that the Jabawockeez brought each and every time) and they’re performing this Saturday at Rice Cracker.  Rice Cracker goes down every Saturday night at Aloha Tower and features DJs XL, Delve1der, and more.  Make sure you’re in the place to be for this.  And you might want to show up early…this promises to be Nuts.

But for now I’m off to Illmatic…I’ll see all the Hip Hop heads there.

The Spin Zone Features HNL’s Own DJ Wigs

Today the Honolulu Weekly featured our very own DJ Wigs in the Spin Zone.

Check it out here

Method Man’s New Graphic Novel

Method Man sits down to talk to about his upcoming graphic novel, illustrated by DC Comic’s Stanford Greene. Check the interview here.

Via: Wooohah

HNLHipHop Hits Milestone

We started HNLHipHop on March 31st of this year, and today, June 2nd, already marks the 20,000+ site hits mark for us in just a little over two months’ time. The immediate popularity of HNL and its continuous growth in readership has been unprecedented and we would like to thank all the blog readers for taking the time to check us out and for continuing to tune in with us each day.