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Gordon Gartrell Radio Episode 7

Can I get an amen?  Can I get a hallelujah?  If you were at the show this weekend you know what I’m talking about.  It was great to actually get to slap hands with Phontigallo and tell him how much we love Gordon Gartrell radio over here.  And lo and behold, a wake up to a new episode today.  Can I get a hallelujah?  In this episode the duo pays tribute to Issac Hayes & Bernie Mac, speaks on why some women like married men, and Tay makes the case for legalized prostitution.  You already know what it is…

Download/Stream: Gordon Gartrell Radio Episode 7


Album: Murs & 9th Wonder – Sweet Lord

I told you it was coming.  I put up the video Murs announcing this project’s release.  You already know how crazy the first two albums by these two were.  And now they’ve given you this for free.  Murs even financed the final mix session himself.  Need I say more?  Make sure you support the Murs for President album when it drops September 30th.  Tracklisting and link after the jump.

Via: IllRoots

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The Carey Sisters Interview Phonte

I know we all say this about all Phonte interviews but this is HILARIOUS.

Download: Carey Sisters Interview Phonte

Via: 2Dopeboyz

MP3: Murs & 9th Wonder – Are You Ready

I know the album will be available for free but consider this the early tasting.  I’ma go ahead and go on record to say that Murs sounds the best when he’s with 9th.  But then…so did Phonte and Buckshot.  9th just brings something out of cats that makes them zone out on some next level shit.  I’m REALLY looking forward to Sweet Lord.

Download: Murs & 9th Wonder – Are You Ready

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New Tracks from Talib Kweli

I would be failing you as a blogger if I went to bed without posting these up.  Okayplayer dropped these gems today that were recorded to originally be included on Ear Drum but for some reason didn’t make the cut.  Honestly, there’s no reason that these cuts should have got axed. Especially the LB colab that shouts out HI.  But maybe I’m a li biased.  I briefly met Talib when he was out here last winter and I gotta say that you’re hard pressed to ask for a nicer cat.  Ask 45’s queen sometime about hanging with the man.

Download: Talib Kweli – Take it Back ft Marsha Ambrosius

Download: Talib Kweli – Gettin’ My Grown Man On ft Little Brother

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Gordon Gartrell Radio Episode 4

Ok, ok…I’m a little late with this one.  And honestly, Tigallo slipped a little bit on the last episode.  Good commentary…that can’t be denied…but the laugh out loud humour fell a little short.  Forgive me Tay.  This time around he’s back at it discussing everything from the Ferarri 5-0/Young Buck squabble to lite brites.  If you’re a true 80’s baby then please don’t even pretend to not know what I’m talking about.

Download: Gordon Gartrell Radio Episode 4

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MP3: Busta Rhymes – NY Shit (Que R!co remix)

My mans Que R!co shot this over to me as a part of his I Love NY Remix EP.  This jawn’s a banger.  Link for this and the entire EP after the jump.

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