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Video: Jadakiss Behind the Scenes at “Who Run This”

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Dec 9th is the word on the street…wasn’t LOX supposed to drop first though?  But its all good.  Can’t front like I’m not crazy hype about a new al Qaeda LP.

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Video: Jadakiss – OnSMASH Interview pt.2

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Part 2 with J to the mwah…

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Video: Jadakiss – OnSMASH Interview pt.1

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Kiss My Ass drops sometime late next month…yeah…its gonna be a hot winter.  Anyone still talking that Hip Hop is dead bullshit?  Nasir made the call and we stood the hell on up.  Be proud fam.

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Video: J-Hood Responds to Jadakiss

I don’t think we or anyone for that matter posted the Jadakiss video…nothing really to speak on.  J-Hood is obviously an afterthought to the blunt that’s getting rolled.  But Hood comes back with this ridiculous al-jazeera looking shit (Mayor had he me crackin’ on that one.)  And even though ya’ll already know I’m ridin’ with Kiss I had to laugh when he called him a ninja turtle.  That’s really the only gem in this 7 minutes of idiocy.  Jada’s original video interview is after the jump.

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Video: Jadakiss Speaks on and Previews a New Cut Off the Forthcoming Album Kiss My Ass

I like how all of these smack tv type videos of Kiss always have him smoking a blunt and just faded.  I feel like he definitely could have picked a better title for the LP but honestly…I don’t care what he calls it.  The streets, the hood, the world needs Kiss.  Looking at a late October/early November release date.  Ya’d think I was on the street team the way I’m bigging up the project but I think the game just needs cats like this too much for folks to sleep when this goes down.

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Video: Jadakiss Interview

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Live at the b-ball tournament he puts on…new 40 cal Kiss around Halloween!  Best brush up on your Jadakiss laugh.

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Video: LOX Perform Chest to Chest Live

What…you thought I wouldn’t be posting up live LOX footage?  Nah fam…D-BLOCK!!!!  New album coming in the 4th quarter as well as that new J to the mwah R-O-C/Ruff Ryder colab jawn.  Holla…

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