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We DID IT!!!!!

Words cannot even express how overwhelming this is…

Thoughts from Common and Questlove after the jump

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Video: Sarah Palin Appears On SNL

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Anyone remember when the real Janet Reno showed up to Janet Reno’s dance party?  This is pretty much like that.  And I think this was pretty much the McSame campaign’s way of throwing the towel in and admitting impending defeat.  Why else would they let Palin to go in like that and co-sign on this?  Its game over and they know it.  It’s time for change.

And for the record Poehler’s gun shots were harder than most of these studio gangstas…straight up.

More from this episode after the jump…

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Video: McCain Supporters Call Obama an “Arab” at Rally

Front not folks…this is still the United States of Amerikkka and folks that love John and Sarah are down to spout off things that makes even McCain snatch the mic back.  Can’t believe I’m saying this but props to JM for not letting his voter base get away with that idiocy.

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Video: Diddy Speaks on McCain’s “That One” Comment

Some people are saying that folks are putting way too much attention on this.  Personally, I think that was supposed to communicate something to the subconscious of McCain’s supporters.  And I think it doesn’t take too much imagination to figure out what that is.  What do ya’ll think?

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Jay Smooth Speaks on the Current Economic Situation

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Jay Smooth of Ill Doctrine speaks on the current economic situation and why we all need to vote for the “nerd we can believe in.”  That last one had me and my girl crackin’ up.

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Video: Chris Rock Speaks On Hillary Clinton & Sarah Palin

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I fell out over the michael vic line fam…

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Sneakers: Custom Obama Air Force 1s

I know it might seem like this blog seems like it’s turning into Obama mania but the amount of Hip Hop related Obama material is too rich right now not to bring to you.  This is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  This pair of Uptowns was spotted on Daddy Yankee Fat Joe.  And check for the pic of Will.I.Am sporting a pair in English after the jump.

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