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Video: Sarah Palin Appears On SNL

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Anyone remember when the real Janet Reno showed up to Janet Reno’s dance party?  This is pretty much like that.  And I think this was pretty much the McSame campaign’s way of throwing the towel in and admitting impending defeat.  Why else would they let Palin to go in like that and co-sign on this?  Its game over and they know it.  It’s time for change.

And for the record Poehler’s gun shots were harder than most of these studio gangstas…straight up.

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Video: Chris Rock Speaks On Hillary Clinton & Sarah Palin

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I fell out over the michael vic line fam…

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Video: Barack Obama on O’Reilly Factor pt 4

Damn it Barack…keeping missle shields in Poland?  That’s the kind of bullshit that needs to end.  You’re still my dude but I really hope you take a turn for the better on that issue once you get in office.  On a side note however, I want to compare Barack’s answers on foreign policy to that of Sarah Palin’s real quick.  She was on ABC tonight and was asked what she thought of the Bush Doctrine.  It had to be EXPLAINED TO HER.  Heartbeat away from the presidency people…that’s all I’m saying.  That video is after the jump.

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Video: Triumph the Comic Dog Crashes the RNC

Sometimes this guy misses the mark but some of this is golden.

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Video: Obama Overtakes that Guy Named John

I know I should probably try to sit here and pretend to be impartial but you all aready know who I’m rolling with this year.  I think it’s pretty clear that Hip Hop has made its choice as well.  Plus I thought this video was pretty funny.  And folks are riding out for these political videos right now.  Diddy’s vlog about Palin tripled our readership yesterday and made us the #8 blog on WordPress’s list of blogs to watch for.

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Video: Diddy Blog #17 – Attention Sarah Palin

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Video: Jay Smooth Speaks on the Republican Haters’ Ball

Yeah…they etherin’ themselves.  I bout fell out when she dissed community organizers.  Let’s see how that sits with the country.  And she is questioning Obama’s experience?  Hahahahahaha…

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